Jenni is an experienced journalist with bylines in publications like Upworthy, Wirecutter, Boston magazine, Greatist, 538, America's Test Kitchen, Experience Magazine, Outside Magazine and more. [Read more!]


Jenni is an experienced editor who's worked with staff and freelance writers on behalf of established media brands like Wirecutter, Upworthy, MedTech Boston and Man Repeller. [Read more!]


Jenni currently offers workshops for public relations professionals, journalists, doctors, lawyers and more about how to tell attention-grabbing digital stories. [Read more!]

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Why work with ZEST?

“Jenni Gritters is nothing short of an extraordinary talent. Meticulously and highly organized, mind-blowingly efficient, thorough and considerate, Jenni was an incredible team player at Upworthy... She can literally tackle any project — no matter how large or small, and you can absolutely rest assured it will be handled flawlessly.”  

- Amy O’Leary, VP Content at Headspace

Jenni has worked with many top media brands, including: