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“This was the best training I’ve attended in the last decade... maybe ever. Jenni Gritters wrote for Upworthy and Wirecutter, and shared her gems. If you want to learn how to communicate in a way that makes an impact and goes viral, you need her. Take her workshop if you ever get the chance. Thanks Jenni.”

- Deb Rappaport, Principal Consultant @ Velatrio

Sample workshop:

Zesty Storytelling 101: How to Up Your Digital Storytelling Game in 7 Steps

Do you need to up your blog game? Are you looking for better SEO on your company's website? Do you have questions about how to get started with building more interesting, surprising, creative content?

During this 75-minute session, ZEST Storycraft founder Jenni Gritters will explain the seven qualities of a great digital story, including skimmability, shareability, story framing, visuals, characters, an element of surprise, and a snappy headline. Then we'll walk through the process of a building an epic story together in an interactive workshop setting. You'll leave this session with a checklist for digital storytelling success and a list of inspiring story options to pursue on your own!

This workshop can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Please inquire about rates and availability!