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  • At MedTech Boston, Jenni built a freelance network, designed a revenue-driving sponsored content and events system, launched an internship program, and increased the MedTech Boston audience to 5x its initial readership.

  • At Upworthy, Jenni launched and ran the website's freelance and licensed content program. She created a pitch pipeline, story budget system, editing structure, workflow and more. She brought in hundreds of pieces per month through this program; when she left Upworthy, the freelance and licensing program accounted for more than 10 million page views per month.
  • At Upworthy, Jenni assisted the editorial director with restructuring the editorial team. This involved introducing new processes for pitching, running meetings, gathering feedback, collecting data, hiring and conducting performance reviews.
  • At Wirecutter, Jenni joined the newly formed Outdoors team and built new workflows for adding high quality visuals to long-form reviews.
  • At the Seattle Times, Jenni assisted with audience engagement strategy for the Education Lab. This involved running content audits, brainstorming on social media improvements and conducting headline-writing workshops, among other things.

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