Meet Jenni Gritters


I’m a Seattle-based freelance journalist with a bachelors degree in Psychology from Bucknell University and a masters degree in Journalism from Boston University. I also completed a social media certification with the Poynter Institute in 2012 and a yoga teaching certification with Sendatsu Evolution in 2018.

I started my journalism career at a small healthcare start up called MedTech Boston, where I was the managing editor and handled everything from checking people into events to writing 90% of the website’s content. I then spent several years working for the viral media company Upworthy, where I rebuilt the site's freelance system and managed a team of staff writers. After that, I worked as an editor at the New York Times' product review site, Wirecutter, where I wrote and edited long-form health, fitness, travel and outdoors content.

After Wirecutter eliminated my team during a restructuring in 2018, I decided to design my own dream job. Since then, I’ve been working as a freelance journalist based out of Seattle. I focus on healthy living and write regularly for the REI Co-op Journal, where I’m a contributing writer focused on human health and the outdoors. I also write product reviews for REI, Gear Patrol, and a variety of other places. In addition, I pen long-form, health-focused features for Experience magazine and Medium’s Elemental magazine, where I previously also ran the weekly Health Diaries column. I also report on science news for mindbodygreen on a regular basis. You can find my published bylines in other places, too, like The Guardian, 538, Greatist, Outside magazine, and Boston magazine.

As a writer, I’m particularly interested in what factors makes our lives feel “healthy,” whether that means explaining new studies, teaching people how to get outside more often, or investigating new wellness and health trends. I also practice what I preach: I work 30 hours most weeks, take Fridays off for personal projects, make it a point to get away from screens as often as possible, meditate every morning, spend at least an hour moving every day, and invest in self-growth and learning on a regular basis.

In addition to working as a journalist, I also provide coaching and workshops for writers who want to build successful freelance careers.. When I’m not writing, you can find me hiking in the Pacific Northwest mountains, running with my husband and puppy, or teaching yoga and meditation.

"Jenni is unequivocally one of the most organized and schedule-savvy people I have ever met... As an editor, she is unfailingly positive, motivating, and inspiring; and I'm so lucky to have had the chance to work with her."- Hannah Weinberger, Freelance Journalist