Jenni is an experienced journalist with a masters degree in journalism from Boston University, where she focused on science journalism and magazine writing. She typically writes about health and adventure. [Read more!]


Jenni spent most of her early career working as an editor. She’s managed staff and freelance writers on behalf of established media brands like Wirecutter, Upworthy, MedTech Boston, Medium, and Man Repeller, and she offers both developmental and copy editing services. [Read more!]

Workshops & Coaching

Jenni currently offers workshops about how to tell digital stories that reach the most people possible. She also offers coaching and workshops about how to start (and thrive) as a freelance writer. On occasion, Jenni also takes on individual clients who want to learn more about writing or freelancing. [Read more!]

How Instagram takes a toll on influencers' brains

The Guardian // Research suggests the platform fosters anxiety as we compare ourselves to others. [Read more]

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28 Days Under the Sea

Experience magazine // A ‘saturation diver’ on life offshore, a long ascent, and the joys of blowing things up. [Read more]

Experience Magazine // The wanderlust was real. So was the lack of a bathroom. [Read more.]

How to Travel and Explore Thailand

REI // Discover the “Land of Smiles.” [Read more.]

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Marie Kondo’s Daily Routine Is Delightful

Medium’s Elemental // It involves incense, fresh air, and pickled vegetables. [Read more]

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Is CBG the New CBD?

Elemental magazine // A new cannabis plant molecule is growing on marijuana advocates. [Read more]

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The Best Base Layers For Every Type of Activity

REI Co-op Journal // Base layers can add warmth when you want to get outside and conditions are chilly. [Read more]

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Young People's Mental Health Issues Are Skyrocketing

MindBodyGreen // A new study gives us some clues about why this might be happening. [Read more]

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How to Win at Civil Debate

Experience magazine // At the High School Ethics Bowl, polite discourse is a competitive sport. [Read more]

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Bringing the Heat

Experience magazine // People are paying $30,000 for a controversial, high-heat treatment in Germany. Welcome to Klinik St. Georg..[Read more]

Managing Chronic Illness in the Workplace

Elemental magazine // It’s a problem shared by millions of Americans. Experts, patients, and researchers offer ways to cope. [Read more]

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Why So Many Women Are Traveling Alone

REI Co-op Journal // Female solo travel is arguably the travel trend of 2019. Here’s why. [Read more]

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“Jenni Gritters is nothing short of an extraordinary talent. Meticulously and highly organized, mind-blowingly efficient, thorough and considerate, Jenni was an incredible team player at Upworthy... She can literally tackle any project — no matter how large or small, and you can absolutely rest assured it will be handled flawlessly.”  

- Amy O’Leary, VP Content at Headspace

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