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ZEST founder Jenni Gritters has spent most of her career trying to figure out what real work-life balance looks like.

How can we reinvent ourselves, shrugging off the stories of our family histories to find more options for our lives?

Can we find creativity and play and balance... and still pay our bills?

What does psychology tell us about work, wellness and balance? These questions led Jenni to launch ZEST in 2018.

ZEST offers the following services:

  • Writing services for clients who need well-reported, efficiently produced articles, blogs, guides, feature stories, and more.

  • Editing services for projects that require line editing, copy editing, structural editing and organizational editing.

  • Story strategy services for clients who need made-to-order programming, including launching new verticals or conducting content audits.

  • Yoga classes for Seattle-area professionals

  • Workshops focused on how to tell digitally savvy stories that grab people’s attention.